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Hello World!

Welcome to Hacker's Haven is all about hacking and computer programming, various exploits, networkingand pretty much anything else you can think of that is almost barely legal. We will be carrying out all our exploits and programming, learning and practicing under Linux

We will be using two really great flavours of Linux, Ubuntu and BackTrack Linux. Linux is a really great operating system and the even better point about it is that many of them are free, the two we will be using are and can be booted from a usb flash drive. In case you are wondering how that's done, you can follow my tutorial on that here ». Go ahead, have a look at it and knoock yourself out, you definately will love the experience of using one of the stablest and cost-effective operating systmes on the planet.

Programming Languages

Since I am in the process of learning a couple Languages on my own, I think it would make a tonne of sense to present tutorials in these languages.

These are the languages we will be covering. These are my personal preferences and if you have suggestions they are certainly welcome.

  1. C++
  2. C
  3. PHP and MySQL
  4. Python
  5. Javascript
  6. Java
  7. HTML 5
  8. Pascal
  9. Bash
  10. Arduino Programming

We will have tonnes of new stuff added to the site weekly so stick around and follow my twitter feed for more info.

Hacking and Exploits

Since that's what we are here for, then why waste our time, here are a few of our hacking tutorials that will make for good practice that will sharpen your skills.


Our IRC Channels

IRC can be a very mean, cruel and dark place, Hackers Haven has a few channels there, we will try to make the experience a little less horrible. We'll be nice to n00bs and we will try our best answer any queries or questions you may have without the flaming or being overly and unduly harsh. Below is a list of the channels we support on the UnderNet Network...

  1. #hackerz-haven
  2. #hackerz-haven-exploits
  3. #hackerz-haven-web
  4. #hackerz-haven-trade
  5. #hackerz-haven-dev


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Below is a list of the sites and resources that you can use to get really good information on Computer programming and Hacking and Exploits


Other Currencies We will soon start selling

  1. Litecoin
  2. Namecoin
  3. Feathercoin
  4. Peercoin
  5. Infinitecoin
  6. Devcoin

Name your price we will negotiate and agree on a price, then we will trade, payments are accepted via paypal, or skrill.


Check back soon or follow me on the old tweeter for site updates...

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